What do children leave out for Santa before they go to bed on Christmas Eve? Everyone knows the answer to that one—milk and cookies! I have been a Santa for a long time now, and the Chicagoland Santa is known to be one of the biggest cookie lovers in the world. A question I get almost every year from children is what are your favorite cookies Santa? That’s hard to answer only because I like so many different kinds. I guess you could say I’m a traditionalist and the cookies I enjoy the most have been around for longer than even this old guy can remember. One thing I have always loved are the sugar cookies that kids can help mom make, and that can be cut out with cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas trees, angels, stars, reindeer shapes, and then decorated with colored sugars, etc. Another goodie Santa can’t put down is the traditional chocolate chip cookie. The following is a pdf of what I think is a good selection of Santa’s favorite cookies—you can download it right here for free. You’ll receive five of my all-time favorite cookie recipes. In addition from time to time the Chicagoland Santa will email you some additional free Christmas recipes and other Holiday offerings. Thank you—we hope you you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy some of Santa’s favorite treats!